When it comes to your house, there’s not a lot of outdoor work you can do in the winter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a makeover! The easiest way to do this is to de-clutter and organize your living space.

A task like this can seem daunting when you look at it as a whole, so the best way to tackle this project is in small doses. And as the snow falls and we are cooped indoors, now is the perfect time to do the 20 minute de-clutter challenge!

What You Need- 3 bins, boxes or piles and twenty minutes!


 It’s really that simple.

First, let’s get your “bins” organized! When creating your piles keep these three categories in mind:


  • Keep – this is for all of the things you want to keep! Some items may need some extra love or repair but these are staples that you cannot live without. How can you tell if it truly is an item you can’t live without? Have you used it in the past year? If the answer is no, it’s time to go! Once you know the items you are saving make sure you put them away in their proper place.
  • Trash – this is for any items that can’t be salvaged. I’m talking expired or dried up product and old magazines. This can also be broken or damaged toys; unusable kitchenware or clothing with stains or holes. As much as it is great to donate what we don’t need you want be mindful of what you put in the next box. Most organizations that go through donations spend a lot of time going through drops offs and determining what is garbage or recycle and what can actually be donated. Although your intentions are in the right place be honest about what can be passed on and what should head to the dumpster or recycle.
  • Donate – Anything that is gently used but no longer serves you can be donated and given to someone who needs it! Whether you donate to a local organization or can pass items in good condition to friends or family one bin should be devoted to what you no longer need but could still be valuable to someone else. If there are items in great condition that were expensive there is the option to use consignment stores or to sell your items online. Either way whether your donate or sell this bin is for the items you love but are ready to let go of!

Second, give yourself twenty minutes 3-4 days a week!

You would be shocked to know what twenty minutes every couple days can do for your house in regards to de-cluttering. When you look at your home as a whole it can seem overwhelming when you think of everything that has to be cleaned and cleared out but starting with specific rooms and areas is the way to make this task must more manageable.

Keep in mind an entire room does not have to be completed in one sitting and it’s easier to break your house up into areas and do one at a time. Here are rooms in your house that can be broken into specific sections with tips to get them clutter free before Spring!



- Linen Closet – Vanity Drawers – Shower/Tub – Under the Sink

*Dispose of your product jungles! If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Stop hoarding empty containers or things you don’t actually need.  If you have children inspect bath toys. Water toys don’t have the longest shelf life and can be breeders for mold. Even taking out towels, and re-folding them can organize your space as we often rush when we put laundry away. Throwing items on shelves actually takes up more room and you will be surprised at the space you create when you are more organized.




- Closets – Dressers – Under the Bed – Nightstands

*Every bedroom usually has a junk drawer. You know what I’m talking about, the drawer that is loaded with old receipts, half read books, a thousand pens. If you save receipts for business or tax purposes create a designated folder for them but let go of the ones you don’t need. When it comes to clothing, if it doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on it’s got to go! Seasonal items can be stored in storage when they are not needed to clear up space. Your closet and drawers should be devoted to the items you currently wear and use.



kitchen- Pantry –  Fridge/Freezer –  Cabinets – Islands – Silverware Drawers – Under the Sink

*Be mindful of expiry dates when cleaning. Especially with condiments. When you do a deep clean of your fridge you will be surprised at how much space is being taken up by things that are no longer good. Perishable items that are unopened but not family favorites are great for food banks and can drives!


Living Room


- Coffee Tables – Bookcases – TV Stands – Ottomans – Storage Spaces – Toy Bins

*Old magazines, newspapers and books do not have to be saved. Unless there is a specific article or recipe you are holding onto you do not need to keep them. Recycle what you can and donate books that you don’t think you will read again.


Entryway, Mudrooms and Foyers


- Closet – Shoe Rack – Entryway Tables – Benches – Coat Racks

*Creating closet storage bins is a great way to keep items organized. Think bags, hats, gloves and scarves! 

If you take twenty minutes every other day to start de-cluttering the inside of your home you will be ready to work on all of your favourite outdoor projects once the snow melts. And hopefully that is sooner rather than later, because if you are anything like us, we are ready to kick this cabin fever!